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Extensive information to get to know me!


My "Do not interact" list and general disclaimers.

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Disclaimers/DNI/general warnings

General Disclaimers
I tend to be bad at socializing, due to issues + trauma from childhood. I'm still working on reminding myself that not all interactions are horrible or fake. I apologize if I tend to be distant a lot!!I do apologize a lot, and again, it's from trauma.I'm actually much more approachable than I seem! Oddly enough, it's actually hard to make me upset.I don't mind random chatter, it will take me time to give my full trust to you, since a lot of people have hurt me in the past.My memory is AWFUL. Please please remind me if I forget anything!I don't know if I did anything wrong unless someone tells me. I struggle picking up emotions and social cues, and I need someone to directly tell me how they feel. (ex: I'm glad, I'm upset, etc...)If I do anything wrong, please let me know!! It's not on purpose, like I said I don't know how to properly socialize.

Triggers & topics that makes me uncomfortable

Yelling/screaming/irl verbal fightingCreepypasta (Especially laughing jack)Religion being pressed on to me/preachingGender roles & sexism

Please don't interact if:
You are homophobic/transphobic/don't support LGBT+Support or believe in straight prideHeavily political/talk about touchy subjectsRacist and/or a supporter of Blue lives matter and all lives matterJoke about serious topics/tragic eventsTERF/gatekeepdisagree on & don't support he/him/they/them lesbians (and pan/bi lesbians) Just let people be happy thanksMAP/NOMAP

Art by koikee on chickensmoothie <3

!! About !!

| K9/Tobi | Adult | He/Him & they/them | FtM Demimale | Furry |

Hi!! I'm K9, close friends call me Tobi. c: I'm a Furry from Ohio, and enjoy things from video games, draw, and take care of my animals. My line of work is being a professional driver, so I'm not active weekdays 9AM-7PM EST. (You can however catch me on weekends.)

I'm autistic/on the spectrum, and have chronic physical illnesses, but I'm not letting that stop me! ♡( •̀ᴗ•́ )و

I got into the furry fandom in 2015, and I own 4 fursuits! <3 (2 premade and 2 custom) Feel free to ask me about them!

I'm MUCH more approachable than I seem, and don't mind random chatter. However, I don't give out my instant messaging platforms unless I know you or for paying for an adopt/art. ^^

Here's some stamps that explains more about me!

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To-do list & waiting on

Things I'm waiting on

1.) Headshot from beestie (included with a character autobuy)
2.) Colored Bust from fatalsyndrome on fA (Commission)

Things to do

1.) Headshot for Grzybowt on TH (For a character, already paid $23 for it as well)

if I forgot anything, please contact me on any of my links!